Off the Wagon

Ok so I am off the wagon, I haven’t exactly been doing too horribly diet but I haven’t been exercising for two weeks (eek). I have plenty of excuses I could give; school, work, home life, stress, etc., but I won’t. Suffice it to say I just chose not to make time and though I could beat myself up for it: I won’t. Truth is, I needed the break, I needed to relax a little and dedicate time to all the craziness going on and I just didn’t want to workout. And another truth? P90x has super bored me. I am usually a restless spirit to begin with and as I got into month 3 my mind just said “no.” LoL Horrible…I know. I am not quitting, matter-of-fact I am scheduling a workout for tomorrow morning, thinking about doing a P90X/T25 Hybrid, since T25 is mostly cardio and P90X has some strength training I am thinking about just incorporating the strength training into my workouts. I am amazed with how much I have changed since Summer 2013, I am so much more confident and less hard on myself, I am not beating myself up or binging everytime I fall off the wagon. I am taking control finally and it’s awesome. Not quitting just took a breather so don’t give up on me yet! 😉

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Day 60…wow I’m on the last month :)

Well, I was out of comission almost a whole week but I managed to get in a few workouts here and there so I am just puttering along. I don’t have any updates as far as stats as I was waiting til this sinus infection that decided to invade my personal space for a week cleared out a bit and I was able to get back into routine prior to measuring myself. I can however tell you I am down almost 10lbs and I know I have lost a few more inches, my clothes are super baggy on me and pretty soon a belt is not going to cut it lol Any way just letting you all know I haven’t given up yet! I am still “swimming” and I will have a number of inches lost in the next few days for you. Thank you for reading! 😉

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Merry Christmas (Eve) Blogworld :)

Well here I am Christmas Eve and sitting at work, bored because it’s Christmas Eve and our work volume is low. I am currently on day 46 (I think), it’s either that or 45…possibly 47…point is I am past my halfway point of P90X and down 2 weeks and 2 days of Focus T25. Woot woot! So far this schedule has been pretty brutal, especially since I seem to have a hard time sleeping, you’d think after two workouts (minimum) daily and a full-time job with the occasional part time hours worked at the second job thrown in for fun I’d be passing out nightly…alas tis not to be. I am enjoying my resutls so far, I am by no means losing the weight that I would have expected to lose but I can tell I am toning up in my arms and legs as well as my belly. I am starting to get bored with P90X workouts but I am trying to vary it up using some of Beachbody’s other products as well as thinking about throwing in the occasional belly dancing and/or Zumba video. It’s so crazy that the year is almost over. I am so ready for whatever 2014 is throwing my way. Bring it! 

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Day 30! Woot Woot!


Well “technically” it is day 33, but really tomato/tomatoe lol The whole point people is that I made it and I am feeling absolutely awesome about the accomplishment. Apparently, I have more staying power than I give myself credit for so Yay me! lol I try to keep things real in my day-to-day so I am going to try to keep my blog flowing in the same manner. P90X is tough and my 30 day results were a bit underwhelming in the lbs lost department so I will admit to being discouraged when I stepped on the scale and saw I had only lost 4lbs (as well as a little worried as my body fat  % was still holding steady as well). I am hopeful that the scale’s body fat calculation is incorrect, but on the positive side I did lose 7.75 inches total off my body. THAT was awesome to see. My clothes feel looser, I don’t feel so “weighed down” anymore or foggy like I used to and my strength/endurance have vastly improved. It’s hard changing your mindset from being a slave to the scale to celebrating the non-scale victories, but that is what I am trying to do. I have stuck to it and now my crazy tail is actually doing Focus T25 in the mornings for an extra cardio boost (I have a lot of fat to burn off…ALOT…like 30% of my body fat lol). I have made it to Day 3 on Focus T25 and so far I like it, Tony Horton is cool, but Shaun T is awesome..his energy and passion for what he does projects in the most genuine way (IMO). I will try to update periodically on how my doubled schedule is going along with updating on any milestones achieved. No promises folks…school next month is going to be brutal and then with 1.5 jobs then on top of that the workouts…I stay frazzled. lol Pray for me!



(Thought this was funny…and so true lol)

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I know everyone is feeling it right now…it’s the holidays and the most common way to enjoy “togetherness” during the holidays is eating. It’s tough, especially for someone who is a proud foodie-recovering emotional eater-novice baker-food network/cooking channel fanatic, which I am all of those times 20. lol I love food, not just eating it, but the art of making it, watching cooking shows, trying out recipes, all that fun stuff. I would have been a pastry chef, but as I am an emotional eater I figured it would be best not to make food my career…just saying lol Today was one of those days where I am reminded of how everyday is an uphill battle, that this journey is so much more than just a “diet” or a “fad.” It truly is my lifestyle now; now make no mistake, that doesn’t mean that I will never eat anything unhealthy or treat myself to a cupcake, brownie or a margarona (seriously…beer + frozen lime margarita + sangria…the mex restaurant here hooks it up!), but I have to be conscious of what I am eating and how it will fit into my day. I log pretty much 98% of what I eat (the remaining 2% is human error or laziness in calculating a taste of something lol) and it makes me congnizant of what it is I am putting into my body; having that blaring reminder of where I am at helps to reign me in and keeps me on track. It’s all mental folks. I work out too hard not to properly fuel my body and throwing away 1000 calories (give or take) on a fast food meal just isn’t logical for me anymore. It all comes down to that logic for me, not desire or emotion. I am on Day 18 of P90X and no Thanksgiving Potluck full of brownies, cupcakes, pies, etc. are going to derail me (*sniffle*tear*sniffle*).

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I Am Triumphant

“Discomfort, hard work, struggles and setbacks all are indicative of the fact that you are trying. Triumph begins with a try.” – Apoorve Dubey

Short post today kids because I am in that mid-afternoon slump on a Monday so my vocabulary is even more limited than usual, but this weekend I felt something I hadn’t felt in awhile: I felt proud of myself. I have made it through 9 days of the P90x program (today’s workout will be Day 10) and I never thought I would make it even this far. I have stayed on track nutrition wise (if you are a member of the My Fitness Pal community please feel free to send me a friend request; my username is Palantechica), powered through workouts even when I felt like skipping them and have refrained from emotional eating for awhile now, I think it might just be more than a month! Going without an emotional eating episode for a month is unheard of for me since food has been my coping mechanism for as long as I can remember. I looked at myself in the mirror this weekend and smiled at myself; giddy in my joy over the light in my eyes, the rosiness in my cheeks and the loose fit of my clothing. I looked crazy I’m sure, but I was/am happy. I finally am starting to really “fall in love” with me….28 years later, I’d say it’s about time.  🙂 

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Day 4: Yoga X

From Dump a Day

Just me and my razor…Namaste 😉

Image from Dump a Day 

I have a love hate relationship with P90X right now, this much has been clear by my last post regarding the beginning of my journey. Nitty gritty folks, while P90X is absolutely not a cake walk and it will have you feeling like a train ran over you by the time you get through the workout, thus far it has been almost fun pushing my body beyond what I thought were its limits. I have sweated, cursed, cried and whined through the first 3 days of the journey, but deep down I was smiling. I loved it. Completely opposite of my feelings last night, I HATED Yoga X. It was boring and about twice as long as it should have been (in my opinion); imagine 90 minutes of repetitive moves only for the most flexible and supernatural of beings. Now picture me on the floor trying to lift my leg that probably weighs about as much as a 10 year old into the air as high as I could get it (maybe 5 inches off the floor) in plank position. Yeah. Hated it. Anywho…today is leg day. Woot Woot! No more yoga…til next Tuesday 😦

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