This is step one…

Well hello…so I am looking for more productive ways to remain on track in this journey of “self discovery.” I’ve had a lot of changes go down in my life over the last 6 months or so and it has really been a whirlwind for me, with me balking at the changes and then finally accepting the inevitable truth: Life is ever changing and who I am today, right now, in THIS moment may not be who I am a year, a month or even a day, from now. I have gone from someone who resides in the smallest of states and being perfectly comfortable with my “small city” life to wanting to get the hell outta dodge in the worst literally outta dodge…straight out of the COUNTRY. Me? The one that didn’t even consider moving to another state for a realtionship? Who saw herself living within minutes of her parents? Me? Out of the country? Yup. Crazy change. I want to move out of the country not for love, or because there is some lucrative oppurtunity waiting for me (not yet anyway) or even out of sheer boredom (which no one would blame me for if they lived where I have for the last 18 out of their 28 Earth dwelling years lol). No, I want to move solely because I feel it is something I HAVE to do; I can’t explain it, it’s just this deep seeded restless emotion that says “you are not for here…get out.” It’s only a very loud whisper now and perhaps in a year it won’t be there (see my “who I am is ever changing spill” above), but right now I am listening. I am making moves, finishing up my school work, cutting back expenses and getting myself into control so that when/if I make this physical move my mind and emotions have long since made the transition. Anyway…enough metaphysical babbling…I am off to try and get some more work done (hopefully). Here’s to change and keeping up with this blog. lol



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