Why am I a masochist?

En serio (SAP button “seriously”) why? Why do I decide it is okay to torture myself?

Long story short; for the past month or so I have been modifying my eating habits and just recently (like over the last week) decided that I was going to implement a walking regimen along with the improved eating habits. I was feeling awesome, tired, but on a high (whether it was from the changes or lack of oxygen from walking from 0 to 2 miles daily I don’t know…hey..tomato/tomatoe lol). In one of these “highs” I decided I needed to up the ante; not only because I knew that strength training is a crucial component to any fitness regimen, but also because I was feeling “AWESOME.” You know what “upping the ante” translated to? Me trying to do P90X…yeah…I was high. lol

funny-big-bang-theory-workout Photo from Dump a Day

A quick little somewhat newsflash here, I am not a small girl, not by any stretch of the imagination, even height-wise my 5ft 6in frame towers over most of my Mexican female counterparts and fitness level wise well you probably guessed that one from my “0 to 2 miles” bit. I lead a very mediocre existence that consists of a lot of sitting for both jobs as well as school so to say that I am out of my element with P90X would be a HUGE understatement. Funny thing is I decided Friday (11/08/13) that I was going to start the program the very next day, I mentally prepared myself the best that I could and Saturday (11/09/13) started. Day one (P90X Lean Phase Core Synergistics) felt like I was learning to walk again except on stilts while holding a walrus.

funny-pictures-aquatic-mammal-does-exercise-and-feels-the-burn Photo from Raids

I found out just how out of shape I really am, I mean I thought I knew, but there are levels and I discovered a new one. Everything hurt and my face was a very alarming shade of red by the time Tony Horton’s demonic self had stopped going on about “cooling down” to which I said many expletive laden sentences all directed towards Tony. All whining aside, I finished it. I finished the workout. I did it! It wasn’t pretty or perfect, but I committed to start something and I actually followed through. Yes, I was sweaty, tired and hating Tony Horton, but I also felt a little powerful. Okay, a lot powerful, so much so that I even “pushed play” again yesterday and finished Day 2. Today, I feel more sore than powerful, but still I feel amazing. I feel like I might actually do this. In fact, I set a little reward of sorts for myself; if…no no no…WHEN…I finish this program (90 days from the 11/09/13 so that would be 02/07/2014) I will buy my plane ticket to Australia. Yup. That is my goal. I think those 90 days of sweat and torture will be a small price to pay to fulfill a life goal/bucket list item. BRING IT, TONY!

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