Day 4: Yoga X

From Dump a Day

Just me and my razor…Namaste 😉

Image from Dump a Day 

I have a love hate relationship with P90X right now, this much has been clear by my last post regarding the beginning of my journey. Nitty gritty folks, while P90X is absolutely not a cake walk and it will have you feeling like a train ran over you by the time you get through the workout, thus far it has been almost fun pushing my body beyond what I thought were its limits. I have sweated, cursed, cried and whined through the first 3 days of the journey, but deep down I was smiling. I loved it. Completely opposite of my feelings last night, I HATED Yoga X. It was boring and about twice as long as it should have been (in my opinion); imagine 90 minutes of repetitive moves only for the most flexible and supernatural of beings. Now picture me on the floor trying to lift my leg that probably weighs about as much as a 10 year old into the air as high as I could get it (maybe 5 inches off the floor) in plank position. Yeah. Hated it. Anywho…today is leg day. Woot Woot! No more yoga…til next Tuesday 😦

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