I know everyone is feeling it right now…it’s the holidays and the most common way to enjoy “togetherness” during the holidays is eating. It’s tough, especially for someone who is a proud foodie-recovering emotional eater-novice baker-food network/cooking channel fanatic, which I am all of those times 20. lol I love food, not just eating it, but the art of making it, watching cooking shows, trying out recipes, all that fun stuff. I would have been a pastry chef, but as I am an emotional eater I figured it would be best not to make food my career…just saying lol Today was one of those days where I am reminded of how everyday is an uphill battle, that this journey is so much more than just a “diet” or a “fad.” It truly is my lifestyle now; now make no mistake, that doesn’t mean that I will never eat anything unhealthy or treat myself to a cupcake, brownie or a margarona (seriously…beer + frozen lime margarita + sangria…the mex restaurant here hooks it up!), but I have to be conscious of what I am eating and how it will fit into my day. I log pretty much 98% of what I eat (the remaining 2% is human error or laziness in calculating a taste of something lol) and it makes me congnizant of what it is I am putting into my body; having that blaring reminder of where I am at helps to reign me in and keeps me on track. It’s all mental folks. I work out too hard not to properly fuel my body and throwing away 1000 calories (give or take) on a fast food meal just isn’t logical for me anymore. It all comes down to that logic for me, not desire or emotion. I am on Day 18 of P90X and no Thanksgiving Potluck full of brownies, cupcakes, pies, etc. are going to derail me (*sniffle*tear*sniffle*).

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