Day 30! Woot Woot!


Well “technically” it is day 33, but really tomato/tomatoe lol The whole point people is that I made it and I am feeling absolutely awesome about the accomplishment. Apparently, I have more staying power than I give myself credit for so Yay me! lol I try to keep things real in my day-to-day so I am going to try to keep my blog flowing in the same manner. P90X is tough and my 30 day results were a bit underwhelming in the lbs lost department so I will admit to being discouraged when I stepped on the scale and saw I had only lost 4lbs (as well as a little worried as my body fat  % was still holding steady as well). I am hopeful that the scale’s body fat calculation is incorrect, but on the positive side I did lose 7.75 inches total off my body. THAT was awesome to see. My clothes feel looser, I don’t feel so “weighed down” anymore or foggy like I used to and my strength/endurance have vastly improved. It’s hard changing your mindset from being a slave to the scale to celebrating the non-scale victories, but that is what I am trying to do. I have stuck to it and now my crazy tail is actually doing Focus T25 in the mornings for an extra cardio boost (I have a lot of fat to burn off…ALOT…like 30% of my body fat lol). I have made it to Day 3 on Focus T25 and so far I like it, Tony Horton is cool, but Shaun T is awesome..his energy and passion for what he does projects in the most genuine way (IMO). I will try to update periodically on how my doubled schedule is going along with updating on any milestones achieved. No promises folks…school next month is going to be brutal and then with 1.5 jobs then on top of that the workouts…I stay frazzled. lol Pray for me!



(Thought this was funny…and so true lol)

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