Merry Christmas (Eve) Blogworld :)

Well here I am Christmas Eve and sitting at work, bored because it’s Christmas Eve and our work volume is low. I am currently on day 46 (I think), it’s either that or 45…possibly 47…point is I am past my halfway point of P90X and down 2 weeks and 2 days of Focus T25. Woot woot! So far this schedule has been pretty brutal, especially since I seem to have a hard time sleeping, you’d think after two workouts (minimum) daily and a full-time job with the occasional part time hours worked at the second job thrown in for fun I’d be passing out nightly…alas tis not to be. I am enjoying my resutls so far, I am by no means losing the weight that I would have expected to lose but I can tell I am toning up in my arms and legs as well as my belly. I am starting to get bored with P90X workouts but I am trying to vary it up using some of Beachbody’s other products as well as thinking about throwing in the occasional belly dancing and/or Zumba video. It’s so crazy that the year is almost over. I am so ready for whatever 2014 is throwing my way. Bring it! 

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