Off the Wagon

Ok so I am off the wagon, I haven’t exactly been doing too horribly diet but I haven’t been exercising for two weeks (eek). I have plenty of excuses I could give; school, work, home life, stress, etc., but I won’t. Suffice it to say I just chose not to make time and though I could beat myself up for it: I won’t. Truth is, I needed the break, I needed to relax a little and dedicate time to all the craziness going on and I just didn’t want to workout. And another truth? P90x has super bored me. I am usually a restless spirit to begin with and as I got into month 3 my mind just said “no.” LoL Horrible…I know. I am not quitting, matter-of-fact I am scheduling a workout for tomorrow morning, thinking about doing a P90X/T25 Hybrid, since T25 is mostly cardio and P90X has some strength training I am thinking about just incorporating the strength training into my workouts. I am amazed with how much I have changed since Summer 2013, I am so much more confident and less hard on myself, I am not beating myself up or binging everytime I fall off the wagon. I am taking control finally and it’s awesome. Not quitting just took a breather so don’t give up on me yet! 😉

Image                                          Image courtesy of QuotePerfect

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