In a Nutshell

So here go my basic stats (lol)….

28 years old Born in Los Angeles, CA of Mexican parentsPart-time student – 2 jobs (one full & one part-time) Working towards my B.S. in either Nuclear Medicine Imaging or Diagnostic Medical Sonography (I will try to remember to remove the “or” once I know where I’m going with this degree lol) – “Mom” to BonBon & RamboNewbie BloggerProud Foodie Future Expat (shooting for Winter 2015 on this one)

You will see so much randomness from me, I will try to curb it, but it will inevitably pop up somewhere. I am opening up this blog to chart my journey into being a healthier, happier me…in every sense of the word (emotionally, mentally, physically, spiritually, etc.) and it’s purpose is to keep me on track as well as maybe find some “traveling” partners. 🙂 Sorry in advance and hope you’ll follow/join me on this journey.

My Big Boy, Rambo

My Sweetheart, Bon Bon

My Sweetheart, Bon Bon


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  1. Thank you for following! Don’t be a stranger 🙂

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