“Self” Goals

Theses goals are purely about me and for me, as in for my person.

-Learn to be “selfish”…I know this sounds horrible, but honestly I have the hardest time putting my own needs to light and end up making pretty bad decisions because of this. I need to focus on taking care of me.

-Try to meditate more…I know it helps to center the spirit more and I know I could really use the centering; I am running around like a chicken with no head 90% of the time so yes..centering=good.

-Dedicate time to my physical health…I know this is tied deeply to my own emotional and mental issues so I need to develop healthier habits ensuring a more positive lifestyle.

-Practice self-love…This will probably be the hardest one for me, I have barely made it into “like,” it’s about time I fall “in-love” with me.


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